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Coming Soon to an Eiga Nerd near you…

This past month, actually much longer, I have been preparing materials and working to submit applications for PhD programs. Currently I am working on six applications. Following their completion I will be able to re-focus my attention on the goals I laid down during the outset of this blog. For instance, in October I had the pleasure of seeing more than half of the films that made up the Wakao Ayako retrospective. I took notes for each of the screenings and plan on posting some of my thoughts for each. Also, at that same theater they are screening every existing Ozu Yasujiro film till the end of the month. This includes all of his remaining silent films, many of which were destroyed during WWII. The majority of these films are not available for home video so I will try my best to make it to them. Also, I plan on using whatever free time to search out the wide variety of second run theaters offering hidden treasures of film not available for mass consumption. For the past few months I have felt disconnected from the city and I do not want to miss out before I leave.

These aspirations and writings related to my graduate thesis I plan on sharing in this space. The majority of information related to my research will be the tidbits not pertinent to academic study, but interesting none the less.

These are a few of the changes I plan to make in the coming weeks and who knows maybe a few surprises too!

Until next time, cheers!

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