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The Thesis

Well it is the start of week seven and two weeks until I turn my thesis draft into the advisors. I am a signficant way through the project, but I have quite a bit of writing left to go. The struggle has been the middle section, which is a giant literature review of available materials. While I had the larger framework for that section written down, it has taken time to piece it all together and provide an analysis for each piece. In turn each of those pieces has to relate to my overall argument.

This paper is not really a paradigm shift in the field as much as the next step in the chain of academic study going on about my topic, centering around Japanese New Wave Cinema. If it were nearly ten years earlier I might have a more groundbreaking topic, but as is often the case after discovering my topic and doing a significant amount of research, forming questions and a framework for the paper; I found a professor who has made his career looking at nearly the same time period and people. As he has been doing this for much longer, is much more established and has been a part of the circle who meets the right people and displays extraordinary skill in the field his book will be published. When that book is published in a year or so it will be foolish to attempt an entire dissertation which merely provides a different take on the same people and concepts.

This isn’t a very significant problem at the moment. As a formulate my question for the dissertation work, however, I must be mindful of the developments of the field and paper presented at conferences which indicate new research being done. This seems like a rather duh comment, but with the importance of staking your own claim in the academic sphere it will be important to explore material that is not as charted as others.

Anyway, two more weeks to go and I am going to have to push. I look forward to working through the rest of this material and having it ready to present to my advisors.

Until next time, Cheers!

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