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Film, Media, Life

Well the past few months since my last post have been a real shakeup

I moved back from Japan, jumped into Oregon, wrote my Master’s thesis and graduated from the University of Oregon.

Since then I taught my first course as an adjunct instructor, packed up all my stuff, drove to the middle of the US and began work as a PhD student in the Film and Media Studies Department of the University of Kansas (KU).

I never saw or envisioned a time when I would live in the midwest, but when I think about what the coming years have in store (readings/writing/pulling out my hair) this is the best place to do it I feel.

I have been in Lawrence for just over a month now and am slowly getting adjusted to the pace of life, being back in course work and developing relationships with the people in my department..

It will be a transition for a period of time, I still feel like I am unpacking and I still have so much to do. Also, by switching departments from Asian studies and specifically Japan to Film and Media there is so much ground work to cover. I do not feel so behind from the other first years in the department, but I do know that more and better work is needed from me to feel like I am doing my best.

Over the past month I have started watching an abundant amount of films and just by being in the department I will at minimum be watching two or three films each week. Added to that any theater going experiences or nights with Netflix or the abundant amount of material on my hard drive. Since writing is very quickly becoming a more comprehensive component of my life I hope this blog can return to its original function of allowing me to write the cliche, hyperbole, and pure rough edges writing that wants to leap out of me with every first draft of a paper (Yes, since the beginning of time people have been watching films). That said I do hope to share my experiences as a PhD in the humanities which continues to have a ‘sky is falling’ proclamation of doom levied at it daily. At least in my little world the sky seems pretty blue for now, which I will try to ride out as long as possible.

Until next time, cheers!

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  1. You Know X X X
    2011/10/27 at 5:33 am

    Oct. is almost over!!! Lets TRY and get a (small) bit of (whats happening) at least once a month??
    (Happy Face) :)))))

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