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Getting a Fresh Start

2010/03/12 3 comments

Hello everyone or at least the one or two people who access this site beyond me. At 26 I’m headed back to Japan. At the urging of friends and colleagues (mostly personal desire) I intend to keep a blog and share the experiences of this coming year with the world. This includes everything from the joys and struggles of daily life to my research of Japanese film and literature.

As this is a transitory period in my career and life it seems fitting to keep a record of the events that come with it. For better or worse I hope this site will serve as a space where academia and life can converge offering new insights to both. In addition to the highfalutin aspects I hope to share the silly and unexpected as well.

Mostly as the title of this blog is Eiga Nerd it is my goal to share as many films (Japanese or otherwise) that I come across. In any event I hope this space will benefit any and all users.

While I will not fly out to Japan until April 1st I just received my Visa and flight itinerary this afternoon confirming the start of my new adventure. Before that though I will be finishing my last term at the UO and attending my first national conference for AAS in Philadelphia from 3/25 – 3/28. The film I am writing about for the conference is a delightfully satirical work by Masumura Yasuzo, Giants and Toys (Kyojin to Gangu), released in the summer of 1958. (For those interested here is the Netflix link: Giants and Toys)

I am so excited about the coming year with all of its wonder and strangeness. Until next time, Cheers!