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As petty as ever

It has been just under two weeks since I returned from Japan and narrowly avoided the earthquake and tsunami which struck nearly 48 hrs later. In that time I have attended an academic conference in New Orleans, unpacked my things, met with friends, re-packed my things and moved back to my home university for a final term of thesis writing, teaching and graduating.

Even with all the struggles my friends in Japan have been facing and the interesting experiences that have come since returning home I find I am as petty as ever. While I do my best to be a compassionate friend and kind individual the slightest hiccup has the potential to send me reeling into a temper tantrum worthy of the best preschooler out there.

The latest came as a result of a package sent through amazon to an address other than my permanent one. The issue being that while the address to my friend was correct I should never have put my name on it. Big mistake! The reason being that this address uses a central office to receive any package larger than the mail slot for the apartment (basically letter sized). In addition this offices uses a wonderful system of notifying residents only when name and address match up perfectly. I do understand the logic of this system except that even in the case of a primary resident who receives a package with a name other than that listed at the apartment office (like a nick-name, shortened version of their name, or any other discrepancy) the package is immediately returned to sender with no notification or double-check with the current resident. When I think that a simple phone call or email would have alleviated this entire problem it just sent me into a tailspin. At the end of the day all of my materials will be recovered and re-shipped. It just means a delay of about a month to handle it all.

While I would like to blame others (as I have done for the past hour) the frustration is mostly with myself. I am frustrated I did not foresee the problems with mailing a package to an address in which I am not the listed primary resident. I am frustrated by my reaction to the situation. Most of all I am frustrated that this is a problem which actually bothers me enough to fester about and need to blog on to receive some measure of perspective or closure. Plenty of other issues out there, need to just move on down the road. I do feel better now, just wish it did not have to be this much of a process. Here’s to less pettiness in 2011!

Until next time, Cheers!


Strange things afoot less than twenty-four hours of posting this blog. Through some bizarre chain of events in the postal system, after the package was returned to sender it was apparently re-routed through the post office back to be delivered. Imagine the shock and aw as the package sat inside the apartment box. The only problem now is to properly return one of the items I purchased yesterday as a result of all this mix-up business. Either way, strangest postal experienced ever.