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Catching up on picture time (May)

2010/06/20 1 comment

Here is a collection of pictures that make up some of the events in May.

Decided to make an approximation of burger, fries, and a coke in Japan. I think it came out quite well. Credit to Twin Peaks episode for the craving.

Reunion with Waseda study abroad students from last summer! A great fun night!

So these are apparently the ‘Gourmet’ tuna and mayonnaise flavored Doritos, on sale at your local dollar store. A delicacy I’m sure. (Holds back gag reflex)

This is a guide book for using English on Twitter. The caption at the bottom highlights the notion of “Connecting with the World.” I can just feel the restrained excitement in cover-model’s face. “I just love tweet….ing?!”

When Harry Met Sally, a favorite film of my friend Zoe and I who have watched it countless times together. The Japanese title is Koibito tachi no yokan which I will translate as Lover’s Hunch or Lover’s Premonition, even Lover’s Foreboding dun dun dun.

Continuing with US films in Japan is Pixar’s, Up! A very simple title which captures the emotion and sentiment of the picture as well as the literal movement of the house. Japan sticking to the literal side of things has retitled Up! as Karu ji san no sora tobu ie or Old Man Carl’s Sky Flying House. It is awesome when a five year old begs their mom to see this movie. It re-kindles for me the desire to watch Young Arab’s Wish Granting Rub Lamp, a true Disney classic.

Wow 3D tvs. I hear My Dinner with Andre is even more engrossing with a whole extra D. Tell me more about existentialism, Andre.

So here is a very rough shot of May. Oh and I went to school a bit too.

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